Most leaders have ambition, talent, and confidence, but few possess the humility necessary to sustain influence over time.






A good leader must bear and practice the virtue of humility, since there are are seven qualities of a leader that humility brings out best.

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As a leader, to effectively communicate your ideas in order to inspire or motivate people to action comprise of three essences: vision, connection and direction.

Through voicing a compelling vision, connecting emotionally with your audience and modeling the direction to take this vision forward, you can rally people to your side and enact action.

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As a business leader, are you a mover or a staller?

Do you sustain the momentum of your business projects, progressing to a solution or do you delay it, in fear of risks or change?

Check out the following questionnaire to see if you’re the type to fuel others, generate and sustain momentum or the type that acts like the brake or deadweight.

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Generally, good thinkers make good leaders. Good thinking often begins by asking good questions. With the right set and  sequences of questions along with a determined search , a good set of solutions is bound to turn up.

Leaders should question assumptions, make inquiries about the environment and probe the future. Good leaders want to learn continuously and convert their acquired knowledge into decisive action.


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