Generally, good thinkers make good leaders. Good thinking often begins by asking good questions. With the right set and  sequences of questions along with a determined search , a good set of solutions is bound to turn up.

Leaders should question assumptions, make inquiries about the environment and probe the future. Good leaders want to learn continuously and convert their acquired knowledge into decisive action.


Questions a leader of people should ask his or her self:

Am I investing in myself?

How committed  are you to your personal growth? Are you content to stockpile knowledge or once you determined a new insight or a skill, you pass on what you’ve discovered?

Am I genuinely interested in others?

Do you motivate or manipulate others? Do you interact with people for personal benefit or move people for mutual gain?

Am I doing what I love and loving what I do?

Are you really passionate in what you do? Do you do things automatically because you despise the process or do you get fired up, eager to enjoy the workload and engaging others to do the same?

Am I taking others to a higher level?

Does your mission involve others? How much are you concerned with those working under you or with you? How do you improve the value of the people who surround you?

Am I taking care of today?

How do you prioritize plans, processes and people inyour daily agenda? Are you putting first things first?

How you fare as a leader will not only depend on how you grasp technology and people but also being able to ask the right questions that not only determine the how’s but also the why’s.

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Maxwell, John. “Questions that sustain your leadership.” 18 July 2009. The Philippine Daily Inquirer. Accessed 18 July 2009. Link Here


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