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This week, read about the new business opportunities growing in the Philippines.

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Outsourcing Opinions declares season’s greetings and wishes everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!

May the coming days be peaceful and bountiful as this special holiday to One and All!

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Business owners with experience know doing international business consider an important key when buying and selling overseas: leverage the foreign exchange (FX) market to one’s business advantage.

Here are three tips on how to best conduct international business and deal in foreign currencies.

  1. Streamline forex info within your finance department.
  2. Carefully evaluate what currency is best when invoicing in a particular country.
  3. Partner with an forex expert.

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Through drops in sales and increased retrenchment of workers, the global crisis provides more than its fair share of complications for businesses and enterprises around the world.

However a Cebu-based manufacturer of stone furniture advises the industry and business players to take this as an opportunity to look for more strategies in marketing at low cost without compromising the quality of their products.

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The future of world trade and trends rely on the encouragement of young people around the world to engage in entrepreneurship. With easy access to information on the Internet, lower barriers to entry in many industries, fueled by burning curiosity and passion, young entrepreneurs can start earlier and go further faster than their predecessors.

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