Software apps development a growing field in Cebu and Mandaue, Philippines


The information technology outsourcing industry in Cebu and Mandaue, Philippines continue to strive to be among the top outsourcing destinations in the world.

In order to improve ranking and maintain prominence, Cebu and Mandaue constantly develop diverse talents  in business services and information technology, professionals whose capabilities, skills and specializations that’s difficult to duplicate elsewhere.

Technology scientists, software and hardware product developers, data analysts are talents that offer more value than the usual English proficient contact agents.

Though the Philippines has made its niche as the best destination in customer relationship management outsourcing, this position may be at risk as other destinations are developing serious efforts to also attract this kind of outsourcing investments.

A wider portfolio in information tech research and business development lures smart business process management types of investments. The industry is expected to develop information communication technology like cloud outsourcing, app design and technology analytics.

By offering these values, Cebu and Mandaue can capitalize and remain competitive.


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