The drama on Wall Street continues as the rank-and-file lawmakers on Main Street, Washington escalate financial fears.

The US House of Representatives rejected the USD700 billion economic bailout plan through a 228 to 205 vote. By the end of what is could be called as Wall Street’s Black Monday, the Dow went down 778 points or 7 percent.

Markets are plunging, Republican and Democrats are blaming each other and the crisis spreads into Europe.

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Outsourcing Trivia

September 29, 2008 | 1 Comment

Trivia has been defined as “something of small importance”.

However, let us also consider that according to the “butterfly effect” concept: small things, actions or events may or may not incur large, widespread consequences. In that case, trivia might not be “trivial” at all.

Here is some outsourcing trivia which I thought might be interesting to share:

Did you know…
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It appears the whole world economy is still under a dark cloud after the financial stock storm at Wall Street. Much like any natural calamity, there is a lot of ’structural’ damage, leaving people adrift in uncertainty and bleakness. As efforts are pushing for repair and rebuilding, others could only stand and stare out to the horizons, seeing only doom hovering ahead.

Bernado Lopez of BusinessWorld writes that we could trace back the cause of the present global financial crisis to a “vulture culture”, where greed and dishonesty are practiced, where the strong prey on the weak, “for maximum risk and maximum profit.”

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