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September 29, 2008 | 1 Comment

Trivia has been defined as “something of small importance”.

However, let us also consider that according to the “butterfly effect” concept: small things, actions or events may or may not incur large, widespread consequences. In that case, trivia might not be “trivial” at all.

Here is some outsourcing trivia which I thought might be interesting to share:

Did you know…

… that the end of World War II paved the way for the development of outsourcing as global trade expanded with the United States as its engine in order to help rebuild the war-torn economies of Europe and Asia?

… that textile manufacture was probably the first instance of ‘outsourcing’? American textile and apparel companies contracted out textiles and garments that previously had been manufactured in the United States to producers in Asia between the 1960’s and 1970’s

… that in January 3, 2006– IBM sought to patent “Outsourcing of services” with the US Patent and Trademark Office?
… that there is a German short film, entitled “Outsourcing” in 2007? The premise of the six-minute family drama is what if family life is treated like a business? A German family of five suddenly decides to dismiss the mother/housewife in order to keep house more effectively.

… that India maintains the third largest military force in the world?

… that Sanskrit, a classical language of India and a liturgical language of Hinduism, has been suggested to be used as a meta-language for knowledge representation and other areas of natural language processing because of its relatively high regular structure.

… that in the early 1980s British Airways opened a captive facility in Delhi for its back office operations? The captive was finally spun off in 2002 as a separate corporate entity called WNS Global Services.

… that it was massive demand in dealing with the Y2K problem that helped move India’s off-shoring industry from low-end IT functions in the early 1990s up the value chain to attract large-scale software development projects for US-based customers?

… that India recorded a GDP growth rate of 9.1% for the fiscal year 2007–2008 which makes it the second fastest big emerging economy, after China, in the world.

… that the Philippines and India have cultural and economical ties dating back to the 9th century?

… that between the years 1898 to 1946, the Philippines was a part of the United States Territory?

… that Cebu, #8 of the Asian Cities of the Future, is the oldest city in the Philippines?

… that the first bank in the Philippines, established in Manila on August 1, 1851 and originally called El Banco Español Filipino de Isabel II, was also the first bank in Southeast Asia?

… that Philippine Airlines became Asia’s first commercial airline on March 15, 1941?

… that the Philippine Basketball Association is Asia’s premier and the world’s second oldest professional league?

… that the Philippines is the fastest-growing economy in Southeast Asia, posting a real GDP growth rate of 7.3% in the year 2007?

… that in 2003, The Philippines is ranked 1st in the availability of knowledge-based jobs and workers worldwide (such as medical transcription), and ranked 4th among Asian nations in terms of labor quality, according to a survey conducted by the U.S. based Meta Group?

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