As a business leader, are you a mover or a staller?

Do you sustain the momentum of your business projects, progressing to a solution or do you delay it, in fear of risks or change?

Check out the following questionnaire to see if you’re the type to fuel others, generate and sustain momentum or the type that acts like the brake or deadweight.

  1. Do you (A) attempt everything or (B) build a clear, focused vision statement to follow?
  2. Do you (A) tend to dwell on past accomplishments and failures or (B) look ahead to the future?
  3. Do you (A) insist on doing things yourself or (B) delegate work and invvolvment to your team?
  4. Do you (A) criticize yourself and others often or (B) do you build youself and others up?
  5. Do you (A) tend to stick to traditional approaches or (B) open to creative changes and innovations?
  6. A related question, do you (A) conform with the ‘norm’ or (B) are you an agent of change?
  7. Do you (A) tend to be indifferent to things and people in general or (B) are engaged personally and passionately in the work and the people you encounter?
  8. Do you (A) believe that deceit and manipulation are tools of  the trade or (B) believe that trust and honesty is the best way to prosper in business?
  9. Do you (A) think it’s not necessary to thank people for doing their jobs or (B) show sincere appreciation to people through proper means?
  10. Do you (A) take a long time in making then implementing a decision or (B) make the decision and deliver it through action?

If your answers are made of more B’s than A’s, most likely you’re the business leader who speed through the challenges to achieve solutions rather than get stalled by problems, big or small.

In business, time is money. Those who can lead by achieving the best solutions through the shortest time are often those who lead the business to prosperity every time.


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Maxwell, John. “Momentum breakers vs momentum makers.” 1 August 2009. The Philippine Daily Inquirer – The Leader’s Way. Accessed 1 August 2009. Link Here


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