Most leaders have ambition, talent, and confidence, but few possess the humility necessary to sustain influence over time.






A good leader must bear and practice the virtue of humility, since there are are seven qualities of a leader that humility brings out best.

1. Open-mindedness. Humble leaders have awareness of how much they don’t know. As such, they’re inquisitive, quick both to listen and learn. Secure in their abilities, they are not threatened by the input of others. They welcome feedback, they solicit it.

2. Objectivity. Humble leaders do not consider just their own ideas and projects. They do not insist on having their way, but on following the best course of action—regardless of who suggests it.

3. Responsibility. Willing to take responsibility and ownership of failures or mistakes, humble leaders are quick to fix them; they do not wait for someone else to solve a problem or pass the blame to another.

4. Flexibility. Humble leaders nimbly switch courses as soon as warning signs appear. Unafraid to admit having made a bad decision, they’re able to adjust quickly.

5. Connectedness. Humble leaders embrace the Law of Significance: “One is too small of a number to experience greatness.” They recognize that their vision cannot be accomplished in isolation, so they invite others to join them in pursuing it. They cherish relationships and intentionally cultivate friendships.

6. Inspiration. Humble leaders are appreciative people. When they experience success, they’re quick to shine the spotlight on others. Mindful of their dependence on others, humble leaders regularly express gratitude for the contributions of their teammates. Their thankfulness inspires those they lead and boosts team morale.

7. Respect. Leaders with humility add value to other people by serving them. By committing themselves to the success of those within their sphere of influence, leaders gain respect and earn loyalty.

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