Global management outsourcing consultancy Accenture surveyed more than 3,400 professionals in 29 countries and found that fewer than 50 percent of all respondents are satisfied with their current jobs, but nearly 70 percent of respondents plan to stay with their companies.

The respondents from the Philippines, however, differed significantly from their global counterparts.

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An effective, efficient human resources (HR)  outsourcing consultant can steer your business through that complex process of sorting through outsourcing options and activities—whether for payroll, benefits administration or any other function as well as vendor screening and selections, contract negotiations and  implementation of the new services.

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Having a little trouble with the global recession and its domestic effects on your business? Feeling that your people are not up to the tasks of keeping the business afloat and acting more like anchors and deadweight, sinking the company down to new depths?

An interesting viewpoint article in Business Week shares that business leaders should take more care with their personnel who, now more than ever, require responsible leadership .

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The outsourcing industry is booming worldwide, especially in Asia where annual earnings are reaching more than a hundred billion as more and more companies are easily tapping into global talent cost effectively, adding more value into their products and services.

However, such boon is not expected to last since this is entirely dependent on how outsourcing companies can cater to the demand of their customers and what if the greatest resource that any business has is becoming the least of all?

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