Having a little trouble with the global recession and its domestic effects on your business? Feeling that your people are not up to the tasks of keeping the business afloat and acting more like anchors and deadweight, sinking the company down to new depths?

An interesting viewpoint article in Business Week shares that business leaders should take more care with their personnel who, now more than ever, require responsible leadership .

Here are the three main points of the article:

Getting the People Right

Tough times best reveal people for who they really are. Some buckle under pressure while others rise to the challenge and succeed with flying colors.

However it is recommended that once you identify the weak links in your personnel, they should be put through an aggressive training program to set them back to the right. If they cannot deliver, then that is the time to cut your losses and cut these off.

Managers must get down to the nitty-gritty

Managers should stop whining about not winning because of having weak players in their team and start working their team back on the basics of the business or else, let them back out into the “mobility pool.”

Many managers are hesitant of letting go of people, fearing some sort of reprisal or just too lazy to deal with the “dead wood” or train new people. However the viewpoint states that letting people go is beneficial for both the business and the soon-to-be ex employee, at least the employee can have the chance of finding a workplace where s/he could really belong and achieve fulfillment.

Strive to start out with the very Best

It is best practice in screening for the best job applicant to hire.

Hire for attitude, then train the aptitude.

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Mcfarland, Keith. “The Right People vs. Getting the People Right.” 20 March 2009. Business Week – Viewpoint. Accessed 23 March 2009. Link here


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