Global management outsourcing consultancy Accenture surveyed more than 3,400 professionals in 29 countries and found that fewer than 50 percent of all respondents are satisfied with their current jobs, but nearly 70 percent of respondents plan to stay with their companies.

The respondents from the Philippines, however, differed significantly from their global counterparts.

Most of them (80 percent), if dissatisfied with their jobs, are willing to seek better opportunities elsewhere.

Philippine-specific findings from the survey indicate that the Filipino workforce seek better compensation, benefits and work-life balance within their company.  Employers who focus on addressing these three key employee retention and engagement drivers can do well.

Employers must work with their Filipino employees to find opportunities for them to grow both on a professional and personal level.

Aside from making numerous training programs available for them, employees should be also encouraged to participate and play active roles in various internal special interest clubs and activities.

Despite a low job satisfaction, 65 percent of the Philippine workforce surveyed want to increase their knowledge and develop their skill sets.

Today’s professionals are not job hunting, despite expressing dissatisfaction. Instead, they are focused on their skill sets and on seeking the training, the resources and the people that can help them achieve their goals.

Companies should support these efforts by listening to employees and providing them with innovative training, leadership development and clearly-defined career paths.

Executives should engage their employees and help them become more successful.

As their employees reinvent opportunity, firms can create a culture of mentorship, develop diverse teams that provide new experiences, and offer volunteer opportunities that engage their people and expand employee networks.

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"Employees Prefer to Create Opportunities with Current Employers."
24 April 2011. The Manila Bulletin. Accessed 25 April 2011.
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