An effective, efficient human resources (HR)  outsourcing consultant can steer your business through that complex process of sorting through outsourcing options and activities—whether for payroll, benefits administration or any other function as well as vendor screening and selections, contract negotiations and  implementation of the new services.

Here are some fine qualities you should look out for in getting the best HR outsourcing consultant for your business.

Specific expertise in Human Resources

It would be better if you could hire the services of an HR outsourcing consultant who specializes in the industry your business is in or a related field and best to avoid outsourcing consultants who have no experience in human resources or in your business’ industry.

Knowledge of HR vendors and their current services

The right consultants should be familiar and have up-to-date information on vendors whose technology and services best-suit your business needs.

Willingness to learn your business HR needs

A outsourcing consultant worth the money is one who makes probing inquiries into your HR operations, eager to know more, particularly on your business’ HR problems and issues.

Familiarity with HR Request-for-Proposals

A professional HR outsourcing consultant is adept in drafting specific requests-for-proposals which clearly define your business unique HR needs that vendors can understand and address to.

Experience managing HR culture change

You would want a HR outsourcing consultant who can manage the expected shift in your business HR culture once the outsourcing initiative gets underway.

Work with the consultancy’s top advisor

Be sure that you and your company is working with the consultancy’s top advisor or at the very least, have access to his/her services to address any hitches in the project that may happen.

Include your Staff in the Consultant’s work

Your outsourcing consultant should make room to have some of your staff to be part of the HR outsourcing team. This can be invaluable training for your HR department in outsourcing management which can be useful in future ventures.

Good references

Your preferred outsourcing consultant should have glowing references, especially from clients in a similar industry as your business.  Also, the outsourcing consultant should not be ashamed to share information on projects that failed, on what went wrong and what has been learned from such failures.

A good consultant can oversee your company’s transition to outsourcing, cutting your business costs and contribute to the bottom line though there could be no sure-fire guarantee for success  but a good consultant can increases the chances of achieving it.

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