Companies deal with challenges in offering more effective customer service. Traditional customer relationship management (CRM) and contact center solutions usually focus on presenting consolidated customer information, but these still depend on contact service agents’ skills to make the right steps to resolve customer issues.

Learn how to align customer relationship management strategies with business process management intiatives in order to raise the bar on value and experience for your business’ customers and clients.

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Improving customer relations and keeping customer loyalty should be on every business’ agenda of actions.

One avenue to achieve this is offering rewards. A well-implemented reward program does more than just make customers loyal, but also improves a business’ brand positioning.


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In the downturn, companies are re-introduced to the need to keeping customers happy and satisfied in order to keep them and by extension, attract new customers.

Thus customer-contact measures and centers are made into a priority by some organizations while others neglect their customer needs by staffing under-paid, under-trained individuals in the bleak work environments

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