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Deutsche Bank AG reports that India still remains to be the back office of the world but faces fierce competition from China.

With its qualified labor force, increasing government support and dynamic domestic market, China is poised to rise as a premier outsourcing destination. And in light of the recent scandals in India Inc., China could be the more preferrable destination.

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India’s largest software and IT services firm Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) declares that it expects a 5 to 20 percent decrease in their clients’ IT processes budgets due to the global economic slowdown.

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US outsourcing firm Startek declares plans for a 1100 seat hiring in the company’s newly inaugurated call center facility in Makati, Philippines.

The company wishes to be part of the Philippines’ BPO industry expected to grow by 35 percent this year alone.

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Major newspaper publishers are looking to outsource international events coverage as low revenues serve as catalyst for consideration to shrink their foreign and local footprint.

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According to a Boenning & Scattergood analysis, long term gains are coming to companies that assist other firms in storing and managing data as corporate customers are outsourcing more of their IT infrastructure.

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