In the downturn, companies are re-introduced to the need to keeping customers happy and satisfied in order to keep them and by extension, attract new customers.

Thus customer-contact measures and centers are made into a priority by some organizations while others neglect their customer needs by staffing under-paid, under-trained individuals in the bleak work environments

I found this informative article, Toiling Away in ‘White-Collar Sweatshops’ – aka Call Centers which presents a slice of the work life of the common call center operative and its no slice of sweet apple pie.

High stress and high rate of turnover plague the call center industry and one has to admire what people have to go through to do their job, unappreciated, undervalued and ‘abused’ often.

Though there is constant demand, it is a challenge to hire and train personnel to be effective in the line of work. It can be financially rewarding but it is not a dream career for many.

Be it the US, India or the Philippines, contact centers everywhere face similar challenges and issues. Call center agents share similar experiences, both positive and negative, in dealing with customer needs.

The fact has ever so pronounced for me when I read the article and the testimonials of those employed in the US.  How very parallel these American call center agents career challenges are to those call center agents based in India and the Philippines.

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Verlengia, Maria. “Toiling Away in ‘White-Collar Sweatshops’ – aka Call Centers.” 9 June 2009. CRM Buyer. Accessed 10 June 2009. Link Here


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