As a business leader, are you a mover or a staller?

Do you sustain the momentum of your business projects, progressing to a solution or do you delay it, in fear of risks or change?

Check out the following questionnaire to see if you’re the type to fuel others, generate and sustain momentum or the type that acts like the brake or deadweight.

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Many business executivs and enterprises outsource their processes with a general direction of where they would like their services providers take their business– cost savings, improved efficiency, better customer relations– a potential future of profitable and prosperous continuity.

However it is seldom that a company reaches such a destination.

Knowing WHERE to go is a completely different matter from knowing HOW to get there.

A CIO article recommends the executives and enterprises should build a definitive plan that specifies how the services provider or outsourcer will provide those business improvements stipulated in the contract through a set of projects prioritized by their importance as well as the timing of their implementation.

This definitive plan is called a transformation roadmap. To learn more, read here



Customers are the source of any business’ life-blood.

Keeping them happy, loyal and true to the business is key to continued success and prosperity.

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Generally, good thinkers make good leaders. Good thinking often begins by asking good questions. With the right set and  sequences of questions along with a determined search , a good set of solutions is bound to turn up.

Leaders should question assumptions, make inquiries about the environment and probe the future. Good leaders want to learn continuously and convert their acquired knowledge into decisive action.


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