IT and telecom research and analysis firm IDC shares 10 predictions regarding the upcoming trends in the Asia-Pacific’s information/communication technology sector this new year of 2010.

1. Cloud Computing matures

In 2010, cloud computing will evolve to include business continuity/disaster recovery.   Companies, that are ready to make use of cloud computing services, will demand cloud computing SLAs with  such capabilities.

2. Business Analytics, Better Business

This year, business analytics will have an important role in aiding CIOs manage cost, comply with standards and overall, provide information as a strategic asset for business development and continuity.

3. Integration of Social Media in Enterprises

Social media will be accepted as a necessary business tool to increase market awareness of an enterprise’s product/services and build/maintain customer relationships.

4. The Rise of converged fabric solutions in data center evolution

“Converged Fabric” refers to a consolidated high-performance computing system which consists of loosely coupled storage, networking and parallel processing functions linked by high bandwidth. This year, converged fabric solutions may be the answer to the overly-high maintenance problems of business data centers.

5. From SaaS to KaaS

Software-as-a-service(Saas) with intellectual property rights becomes Knowledge-as-a-service(KaaS). This 2010, vendors will be expected to provide original, licensed IT solutions with embedded with industry- and/or process-specific IP.

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Despite the financial troubles that gripped Western economies and the natural calamities like typhoons that rocked the region, the Philippines and its economy has remained resilient.

The possible reason behind such resilience is how strong and stable the country’s banking system serves as a solid ground for the Philippine economic landscape.

Not only the Philippines but other Asia-Pacific nations report having a better ‘climate’ in terms of economy than their Western counterparts, with more positive results in providing products and services.

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Last January 2009, global information and communications technology (ICT) research firm XMG  reported 10 key predictions about the conditions and roles of the Asia Pacific’s ICT, particularly in regards to the world economic recovery as the research firm believes that off-shoring ICT is the essential catalyst towards better business efficiency and reduction costs for enterprises.

XMG’s 10 key predictions were:

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Outsourcing Issues and News.

Here is a weekly dose of professional business information and analyses searched and summarized by Outsourcing Opinions from the world business news agencies and major resource sites.

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