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Outsourcing to Rebound above Recession

The global outsourcing industry show signs of recovery in 2009’s  second quarter, according to the Everest Research Group. However a new trend rises as many companies now prefer captive operations to third-party outsourcing.

“The paralysis of decision making which had almost crippled the industry late last year is now easing up. More and more pent-up transactions are being announced. Companies are being cautious. They are being more thoughtful and strategic as they go in for the captive strategy rather than expand into third party model in the current environment.”

– Gaurav Gupta, principal and country head of Everest Group.

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Similarly, analyst firm IDC’s latest report states the business process outsourcing (BPO) market in Asia Pacific can recover in 2010.

Companies who seek to transform their businesses will increasingly turn to the BPO model as BPO services providers currently streamline platform-based services (Platform BPO) offerings to suit current market conditions, doing away with traditional lift-and-shift business models.

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9 Advantages to take on Future Outsourcing

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5 tips to improve contact services and earn points from customers

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Quality for quality – BPO Employees demand more for  Life

Research firm XMG Global reports that BPO employees now prioritize non-cash incentives, for example exible hours, additional paid time off, and telecommuting, unlike in recent years when relatively high salaries were enough reasons for them to overlook job-related pressures and stress.

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