Last January 2009, global information and communications technology (ICT) research firm XMG  reported 10 key predictions about the conditions and roles of the Asia Pacific’s ICT, particularly in regards to the world economic recovery as the research firm believes that off-shoring ICT is the essential catalyst towards better business efficiency and reduction costs for enterprises.

XMG’s 10 key predictions were:

  1. Measuring the efficiency/effectiveness and minimizing risk of ICT investments will be the top concerns of Asia’s CIOs
  2. Asia Pacific will outspend other regions
  3. Off-shoring to be the rare bright spot for ICT in 2009
  4. Workforce revolution through workplace performance evolution
  5. Co-location is ready for primetime
  6. Achieving economic resilience through mergers, acquisitions and divestitures
  7. Business continuity plan gaps will continue to put asia pacific operations at risk
  8. Threat and vulnerability takes center stage
  9. Downturn in semiconductor market will see job losses across the region
  10. Current state of the economy is an ‘opening’ for open source

Some of these, if not all, predictions are kind of obvious. Take for example, #1– of course what established business would not keep an eye on efficiency, effectivity and risk? And #2, of course Asia Pacific would ‘outspend’ other regions, its the region that still has money to spare for spending.

So 2009 is about to end, what do you think? Has XMG Global’s predictions came close to the mark? Please share your comments below.

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XMG. “Top ten predictions for Asia Pacific’s IT.” 8 January 2009. BusinessWorld. Accessed 17 November 2009. Link Here


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