20’s Stephanie Overby writes most IT companies are capable of doing their the IT/BPO services procurement process, in-house. Furthermore, with the rising fees of outsourcing consultancy, such do-it-yourself (DIY) outsourcing can pay off in a more flexible contract or a stronger relationship with the service provider.

Here are 10 cost-saving secrets that one can do during the services procument process:

  1. Say No to Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt(FUD)
  2. Focus on the business case
  3. Use consultants selectively
  4. Take advantage of new tools
  5. Locate and leverage in-house experts
  6. Embrace hard times
  7. Consult counsel judiciously
  8. Exploit your vendor
  9. “Google” it
  10. Be selective

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An effective, efficient human resources (HR)  outsourcing consultant can steer your business through that complex process of sorting through outsourcing options and activities—whether for payroll, benefits administration or any other function as well as vendor screening and selections, contract negotiations and  implementation of the new services.

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