20’s Stephanie Overby writes most IT companies are capable of doing their the IT/BPO services procurement process, in-house. Furthermore, with the rising fees of outsourcing consultancy, such do-it-yourself (DIY) outsourcing can pay off in a more flexible contract or a stronger relationship with the service provider.

Here are 10 cost-saving secrets that one can do during the services procument process:

  1. Say No to Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt(FUD)
  2. Focus on the business case
  3. Use consultants selectively
  4. Take advantage of new tools
  5. Locate and leverage in-house experts
  6. Embrace hard times
  7. Consult counsel judiciously
  8. Exploit your vendor
  9. “Google” it
  10. Be selective

Learn more about these cost-saving tips here


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