New opportunities present fresh challenges which are exciting but does bear risk. Information guides decisions that mitigate risk, and the right information can be valuable. In making the most of new opportunities, especially in business, taking note of key consumer trends will be vital in gaining the advantage over competitors.

Here are 11 trends to watch out for this 2011.

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Companies, personalities, organizations around the world have chosen social networking as part of efforts to expand their presence and exposure online.  Social networks like Facebook and its Facebook pages are at the forefront of gathering support and connections for a brand, a cause or a celebrity.

If a particular Facebook page has 10,000 fans or “likes”; that’s the significant point towards a brand’s success.

Here are some prized and proven strategies gain a high following for a brand or organization’s Facebook page.

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The province embarks on a social marketing program to help announce that Cebu, Philippines is open to global business and trade.

Research, Education and Institutional Development Foundation Inc. (REID) reports that while the country has established a social marketing program composed of officials from the Department of Tourism, Department of Transportation and Communications and airport authorities to market the country, Cebu can embark on its own promotional campaign.

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Social networks, like Facebook and Multiply, can be very addictive for many people as they spend, or waste, their time interacting with friends and family online. But the application can be very productive, or profitable, for enterprising individuals and organizations.

Use Facebook, or the social network of your choice, to improve your public standing, credibility and reputation amongst your peers, colleagues, and consumer/customer base.

Here are some tips.

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