Companies, personalities, organizations around the world have chosen social networking as part of efforts to expand their presence and exposure online.  Social networks like Facebook and its Facebook pages are at the forefront of gathering support and connections for a brand, a cause or a celebrity.

If a particular Facebook page has 10,000 fans or “likes”; that’s the significant point towards a brand’s success.

Here are some prized and proven strategies gain a high following for a brand or organization’s Facebook page.

FACEBOOK ADVERTISING.  Doing Facebook advertising (http://www.facebook.com/advertising/) is a cost-effective means to run advertising campaigns targeting desired geographic markets.

Observe current ads that appear in Facebook, to help in crafting one for the company or brand.

Check the type of ads that captures attention and learn from the approach. See whether the popular or trending approach can be applied to the brand’s own promotions.

ONLINE CONTESTS. Perhaps the biggest trend on Facebook pages is the increasing number of loyalty marketing campaigns and promotions, with the intent of engaging the audience.

People interested to take part of the contests must first like the Page and promote the Page on their social networks as the terms of eligibility to win the offered prizes.

PRESENT A CELEBRITY ENDORSER, on the Page. Followers of these celebrities show their support by liking Facebook Pages of brands their favorite stars endorse.

LEVERAGE TRI-MEDIA. Some brands have also started plugging their Facebook Pages in commercials, company displays, and other collaterals. If seen frequently, people will be reminded to check the page once they access/browse the Internet.

Getting people to like a brand/company page is important as they have potential to become clients/ customers.

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Getting people to “like” a brand’s Facebook page is a one-time acquisition but subscription is almost “lifetime” as people rarely “unlike” Pages they preferred.

Active audience engagement can be fostered on a regular basis, where results can be measured for the benefit of the company’s active, “real-time” marketing campaigns.

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