Information technology (IT) and business giant IBM places a high priority on secondary cities for the company’s geographical expansion.

This year IBM’s market expansion will be focused on secondary cities in the Philippines, like Cebu and Davao. IBM-Philippines intend to focus serving the manufacturing and retail sectors of Cebu and the agricultural plantations of Davao.

IBM makes a careful selection of cities to expand to, making sure factors like having a large educated population with a significant wealth of IT skills, a city’s gross domestic product, attractive industries and enough telecommunications and services, were present so they could introduce their products.

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IBM announced a USD38M investment in a new Asia Pacific Cloud Computing Data Center in Singapore, which will provide businesses with solutions and services to harness the potential of cloud computing.

The new facility will extend IBM’s globally-integrated cloud delivery network with centers in Germany, Canada and the United States; and 13 global cloud labs, of which seven are based in Asia Pacific – China, India, Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Vietnam and Singapore.

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World’s largest search engine Google and “Big Blue” IBM comes to Cebu to develop the local talent with world-class potential.

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Outsourcing industry analyst Ovum reports on  the modest outlook regarding in-house budgets amongst contact centers while IBM opens another global delivery center in Cebu City, Philippines– lightning might not strike the same place twice but IBM sure does.

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