Information technology (IT) and business giant IBM places a high priority on secondary cities for the company’s geographical expansion.

This year IBM’s market expansion will be focused on secondary cities in the Philippines, like Cebu and Davao. IBM-Philippines intend to focus serving the manufacturing and retail sectors of Cebu and the agricultural plantations of Davao.

IBM makes a careful selection of cities to expand to, making sure factors like having a large educated population with a significant wealth of IT skills, a city’s gross domestic product, attractive industries and enough telecommunications and services, were present so they could introduce their products.

The company aims to support medium-sized enterprises, considered one of the fastest growing economical segments where IBM experiences a strong demand.

By providing advanced technologies that were once reserved for larger companies with larger budgets, IBM aims to spur innovation for these enterprises and strengthens its local presence by working with partners.

Secondary city expansion to cities like Cebu and Davao entails setting up of a physical office with office staff, a sales team, client support and collaborate with IBM’s business partners who recruit and educate the public to use IBM products.

They also want to enable local students gain experience with IBM products. The company said it will allocate an amount for skills and certification to make students familiar with the IBM brand and the solutions it provides.

IBM considers Southeast Asia a “region of opportunity”, with Asian countries as economically integrated free-trade zones and is expected to have free labor movement by 2015.

The company said the opening of new branch offices across the Southeast Asian region will boost IBM’s business and enable it to strengthen its relationships with clients and partners and provide solutions and services to more areas such as information management, IT security, cloud computing and business analytics.

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