Outsourcing industry analyst Ovum reports on  the modest outlook regarding in-house budgets amongst contact centers while IBM opens another global delivery center in Cebu City, Philippines– lightning might not strike the same place twice but IBM sure does.

Modest CRM Budgets this 2010

According to Ovum’s recent survey of contact centers in the United States, Europe and Australia– 80 percent of the respondents believe that their customer relationship management budgets will either remain plain or drop into a ditch this year while the remaining 20 percent look forward to rising up.

Contact centers outsourcers could expect new contracts but these would be usually with clients who are set on getting higher value on revenue opportunities and customer loyalty out of limited resources.

With such limited budgets, there is growing concern on how to provide better technology, training and incentives for contact/call center employees in order for them to perform productively.

IBM 2 in Cebu

IBM opens its second Global Delivery Center (GDC) for application services in Cebu City Philippines, capitalizing on its strategic location, infrastructure and wealth of talents.

“The government’s support to the business community, the academic system that develops pool of talents in the information technology (IT) and the industry, the high infrastructure and the stable environment both in political and economic standpoints were the factors that encouraged the company to expand facilities in the Philippines, and Cebu in particular has all these.

Cebu became a logical choice.”

— Richard Patterson, VP Globally Integrated Delivery, IBM.

The Cebu GDC for Application Services (AS) complements the Manila’s GDC operations that focuses on providing support service and product development for package, Internet technology and other consumer application product developments.


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