In communication, trust is a must. A team needs to be able to trust the reliability of a leader and his/her words. Deceptive leaders do not enjoy long-term influence. Time will reveal them as frauds.  A solid platform of lasting leadership is built on trust.

Here’s how one achieves that platform.

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The largest private employer in the Philippines, Convergys, announced plans of expanding with a fourth state-of-the-art facility in Cebu City.

The announcement comes just weeks after Convergys announced it is currently constructing a new contact center in Baguio City, the country’s summer capital.

The new facility will be located in the TGU Tower, Asiatown IT Park.

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Enterprises and organizations must be proactive in taking advantage of online social media and networking to reach out to customers and prospects.

Unlike before when not all customer service personnel can expect to serve everyone’s need, managing customers online can make response and rewards to customer concerns simultaneous and seamless. It may seem simple enough; however, it can also be complex.

Here are some approaches to managing customers online that have been effective for others; it could be effective for you too.

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CRM market research firm and consultancy Beagle Research Group’s Denis Pombriant shares his year-end evaluation of customer relationship management and its major players in 2009, comparing what happened in the year to that of what was predicted in 2008.

Learn more about what Mr. Pombriant believes to be the highlights of CRM 2009 and the biggest CRM lesson that the year has taught here

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