In communication, trust is a must. A team needs to be able to trust the reliability of a leader and his/her words. Deceptive leaders do not enjoy long-term influence. Time will reveal them as frauds.  A solid platform of lasting leadership is built on trust.

Here’s how one achieves that platform.

1) Build Character.

The effectiveness of communication relies more on the character of the messenger than on the content of the message.

Philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “What you do speaks so loud that I cannot hear what you say.”

Leaders who consistently display integrity in their actions prove themselves trustworthy and gain respect. On the other hand, cracks in a leader’s character drown out his words.

If a leader couldn’t connect with teammates, the leader must examine his/her character. Concentrate on solidifying one’s inner makeup to magnify volume of one’s words.

2) Be Accountable.

Establishing credibility in communication takes time; the right to be heard must be gained through proving trustworthiness.

Enter every relationship with a certain degree of trust, and every interaction either deposits more trust in your account or withdraws some from it. Pay careful attention to relational account balances and do everything possible to keep the levels of trust high. Every promise made creates hope, and by honoring commitments, reliability is achieved.

3) Deliver Results.

Practice what one preaches, share the insights learned through experience.

Nothing speaks louder than resounding success. If the ear of one’s team is what one wants to win,  then deliver results prior to delivering speeches.

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