Employee rentention and turnovers are major issues facing any organization, particularly in the contact center business were agents are challenged to maintain a positive mental attitude at work.


However there are ways organizations can keep their employees’ morale, keep them happy and keep them at work.

Customer care expert and author Barbara Burke shares tips on how to engage employees in order for them to work better and stay loyal to the company.

Survey your employees regularly.

Apply employee satisfaction surveys on a quarter-to-annual basis, particularly on the new hires. Use initial information to serve as a baseline and follow up every quarter in order to identify major issues and resolve them A.S.A.P.

Include employees in decision-and-policy-making.

Invite employees to be involved. It makes sense because they can usually provide the necessary information to make the right decisions that will benefit them and in turn benefit the company.

Provide Training and Career opportunity.

It is essential to train direct supervisors on coaching and leadership for they can apply these to handle their teams in order to derive the best performance as well as drive engagement.

Also, people have goals to advance. It is best to know these goals and assist employees to advance their careers. It’ll foster loyalty as well as good karma.

Give immediate feedback on performance.

Give employees immediate, good readings on their actual performance on specific interactions/functions. If there’s an opportunity for improvement, the real-time information can be also valuable for it allows them to make resolution immediately.

Apply positive reinforcement frequently.

Immediate feedback with positive reinforcement is great for employee morale.


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