In a June 2009 article, “Outsourcing – Old Country, New Hope” Outsourcing Opinions report on expanding operations in outsourcing to gain access of the emerging markets there.

Now a year later, here are the latest updates on outsourcing in Europe.

With the United States putting on the hot spotlight on the outsourcing practices of some companies, outsourcing services providers(OSPs) may turn their attention to Europe’s small but growing pool of potential outsourcing partners.

OSPs need only to understand the business culture and needs of Europe’s market.

Among the countries in Europe, the United Kingdom is expected to spend about USD160 billion on outsourcing, according to Gartner research.

One major concern in the outsourcing market of Europe are privacy and data security . There are thirty-six regulators that monitor and reflect the security and privacy concerns of customers. OSPs, particulary those that offer cloud computing services, have to study the rules and guidelines of each European country’s Data Privacy Authority.

Just recently the European Union has updated the standard contractual clauses for the transfer of personal data outside the European Union to hinder offshore outsourcing firms from sub-contracting clients’ personal data processing without their written consent, requiring greater transparency in data processing operations.

These new clauses could affect European market research agencies that outsource data processing work to countries such as India and the Philippines.


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