On January 20 of this year, the United States of America inaugurated its first African-American President and Commander-in-Chief, Barack Obama, into office.

With the aspirations of millions of Americans are the hopes of millions in the world that Obama’s monumental presidency could portent a change for new directions and better times.

Even the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry in the Philippines looks forward to positive changes under the Obama administration.

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Life can be like a Ferris wheel. Sometimes you are up on top; sky is the limit, ruler of the world. Sometimes you are down, close to the ground, nothing much to see or do there.

And sometimes the machinery stalls or breaks down (which does not occur often but can happen). Whether you riding on top or swinging your war down, you would not want to remain stuck in such a precarious position.

It is not uncommon to be calling for help to get your feet back on something solid.

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