Life can be like a Ferris wheel. Sometimes you are up on top; sky is the limit, ruler of the world. Sometimes you are down, close to the ground, nothing much to see or do there.

And sometimes the machinery stalls or breaks down (which does not occur often but can happen). Whether you riding on top or swinging your war down, you would not want to remain stuck in such a precarious position.

It is not uncommon to be calling for help to get your feet back on something solid.

What is new in the United States these days? There are views and reviews on the country’s spiral into recession while there are also positive spin that the US economy is clinging and climbing before it falls down too low to ever get up.

I think the recession comes to the United States at an unfortunate time. What calls for this situation is a united effort but with the November election just days away, lines are being marked and sides are being chosen. There are those who are set on fixing things while others are set on to find who are responsible for this economic mess and have them fix it.

Everyone can relate at an individual level to what America is going through. One time or another, we have faced certain personal failures that cause us to question our abilities and worth. We could even grieve for our present pathos; go through the 4 ‘bad’ Kubler-Ross stages of grief: 1) denial and isolation, 2) anger, 3) bargaining and 4) depression.

This is what America is going through at some degree but in time or maybe even now, things are heading for the better as there is the acceptance of reality. America is in trouble and because of it, we’re all in trouble.

Recently, President Bush has called in the G-20 for an economic summit. The G-20 is a group of nations, both established and emerging, that have been identified to deal with the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis. Now they are being called again; as they are possibly the most affected by crashing currencies, fleeing foreign investment, and increasing inflation.

Though it would have been better if done sooner; with what they have, these countries have to help each other out. It is time to return some favors in a manner that could be only describe as Capraesque.

Having profited from being an off-shore outsourcing destination for many American companies, Indian IT and business process outsourcing companies are keeping their major cash cow on its feet by making major stateside investments. Tata, Infosys and Wipro have already captive facilities in some American states in a strategic maneuver to get closer to their markets and now are invited by states that can be considered as low-cost.

With India’s inflation and further demands of wage increase, it is foreseeable that ventures in America are becoming more attractive. Such a role reversal, if you ask me. I wonder if we would see such a switch again after another 10 years.

Hah, fortune, it comes, it goes and what goes around comes back around.

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