For small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs), social media can supplement traditional marketing campaigns and boost products and services’ presence in the attention of targeted market segments.

Anyone or any business can create a social media account online for free, however it should not be seen as without cost. Time, manpower, promotions, contests, among other resources, needto be considered.

Here are some lessons in social media for small and medium enterprises.

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Warren Buffet was quoted that it takes 20 years to build up a reputation and just five minutes to ruin it. However if one considers the Internet and social media, one’s name, image and reputation is indeed a fragile thing that will not even last 10 seconds.

If you maintain a professional or personal persona online, either via a blog or a social media account, you and your name becomes transparent and vulnerable to malicious attacks through comments, compromising photos or videos and even identity theft.

One must be aware on how to carefully manage and protect one’s name and image online.

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Using social media networks to market one’s products and services is a cost-effective way to attract new customers, address loyal customers concerns and accept feedback that can benefit the business.

Here are basics of social media marketing suggested by Jeremy Hunt, Social Media Grunt, to help you start your way to become a wizard of social media marketing.

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