Telecom giant Globe Philippines has already set in motion the transition of its core IP network to IPv6, or Internet Protocol version 6, making sure it is fully prepared as the Internet runs out of IPv4 addresses.

Currently, public IPv4 addresses are being used to connect to the Internet and with these facing exhaustion in the near future, there is a strong need to move toward IPv6.

With this initiative, business processes requiring Internet connectivity will remain uninterrupted. Users will have continued access to the Internet using new IPv6 addresses.

IPv6 supports a vastly larger amount of IP addresses than its predecessor. IPv6 will enable enterprise customers to have more public IP addresses to allocate within their organizations.

As Globe completes its IPv6 deployment, it will be able to provide a seamless Internet experience for its customers.

The transition to IPv6 on its core IP network will give enterprises access to both IPv4 and IPv6 sites or destinations on the Internet, as the resulting infrastructure will be capable of transporting both types of traffic. Globe assures enterprises of business continuity for a seamless transition to IPv6.

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