Entrepreneur and owner of 5 small businesses in Chicago, IL, USA–Jay Goltz shares 10 factors that impede the success of small business or enterprises.

Among the top reasons Mr. Goltz listed include, operational mediocrity, poor efficiencies and poor accounting.

Check out a summary of the full list:

1. A declining market.

2. There is not enough demand for the product or service at a price that will produce a profit for the company.

3. Owners who cannot get out of their own way.

4. Out-of-control growth.

5. Poor accounting.

6. Lack of a cash cushion.

7. Operational mediocrity.

8. Operational inefficiencies.

9. Dysfunctional management.

10. The lack of a succession plan.

I’ve highlighted a few factors where outsourcing to a specialized service provider can actually help improve the business in that particular area. For a complete reading of Mr. Goltz’s article, check it out at its source.


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Goltz, Jay. “Top 10 Reasons why Small Businesses Fail.” 5 January 2011. The New York Times. Accessed 6 January 2011. Link Here.


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