Outsourcing Opinions wishes everyone around the world a merry merry Christmas and happy holidays.

Good tidings, good cheer to all far and near!

2009 has indeed more than its fair share of woes, so let’s do what we can to help each other recover and in doing so help ourselves. Let us heal the world and let everyone feel once more, it’s Chrismastime!



Outsourcing Opinions extends its seasons greetings to all its readers and browsers! Let us make the start of 2009 a positive and profitable one, to mark the rest of the year!





Buenas Día de la Raza! Happy Columbus Day, everyone!

Let us have some Columbus Day Trivia for 300 points.

Christopher Columbus indirectly ‘discovered’ the Americas by plotting a western trade route via sea towards this country of valued goods, such as spices and silk.

What is India?

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