Outsourcing to off-shore destinations like the Philippines is a proven and prized business strategy to reduce costs, achieve value and raise company stats from red to the black.

Surprisingly, not many companies and enterprises reach this success potential. Many contracts, deals and projects buckle under the pressure of simultaneously getting near-term cost cuts and improving business quality.  Today may be the ideal time, more than ever, to re-evaluate and renegotiate your existing outsourcing deals for the better.

Here are some business recommendations to balance cost-cutting with improved business performance and raise your outsourcing projects to the next level:

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Though Business can at times be a gamble, we can make our own luck.

Previously, Outsourcing Opinions has been sharing guidelines to advise you in your venture into outsourcing, from knowing the risks and how to mitigate them (“Outsourcing : Risky Business”, “Outsourcing: From Risks to Riches”) to how to manage your outsourcing partnerships’ potential to achieve the best, mutual results (“ Open Doors to Success”, “7 Deadly Sins of Software Outsourcing”).

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The world’s shrinking, in a manner of speaking.

If we look at the trend of end-products of technological advancement, we could almost say that the size  that matters is small.

And it’s not only our gadgets that are getting smaller. The way we live, the way we work, the way we can  do business is being refined to a point where we can do more with less effort. Doing small things can lead  to big results.

Much in the same way how small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) as well as private individuals are doing what the big firms and multinational companies can do, to draw on the talents and skills of the human resources from any corner of the planet through the Internet.

Welcome to the age of Myself, Co. and Yourself, Inc.,—-the one-man (and one-woman) multinationals.

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We’re a very small company that outsources work to computer programmers and artists in remote offices throughout the world.  The major problem with having workers in far-flung locations is that when you’re paying people by the hour, you really need to know that they’re working, not surfing the Internet.

When you’re all in one office in the same country, communication flows much more naturally. You can easily tap someone on the shoulder and ask him a question. But when you’re all over the place, you tend not to want to bother people with minor questions.

Ken Scharen, then CEO of One Remote Systems, a software company in Delray Beach, Florida.

Your company and your business process outsourcing (BPO) partner want to open that door towards mutual success; the key factor is constant and receptive communication.

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