Though Business can at times be a gamble, we can make our own luck.

Previously, Outsourcing Opinions has been sharing guidelines to advise you in your venture into outsourcing, from knowing the risks and how to mitigate them (“Outsourcing : Risky Business”, “Outsourcing: From Risks to Riches”) to how to manage your outsourcing partnerships’ potential to achieve the best, mutual results (“ Open Doors to Success”, “7 Deadly Sins of Software Outsourcing”).

Now this time, let the industry experts confirm those guidelines as they counsel in how you can bet on outsourcing and come into the winners circle.

Here is the lowdown on the 13 best outsourcing practices as suggested by the industry specialists, such as  Patrick Dolan– CEO of BPO Management Services and Larry Harding– founder and President of High Street Partners.

1. Establish clear objectives.
2. Get a compatible provider.
3. Don’t go in shortsighted.
4. Never confuse sales and delivery.
5. Change your attitude toward IT.
6. Get the communications right.
7. Expect to get what you pay for.
8. Stay on-site.
9. Retain responsibility.
10. Get C-level sign-offs.
11. Pick the right projects to outsource.
12. Clean up before you outsource.
13. Get the SLA metrics right.

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