According to proponents, legal process outsourcing(LPO) provide high profit margins for services providers and high cost savings for clients/companies as economic benefits.

LPO has changed the perception of the global legal industry, which once thought legal services as too sensitive to be outsourced.

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In an early Outsourcing Opinions article, The Philippines Supports US Law Firms Through Outsourcing, the benefits of legal outsourcing were highlighted. US law firms are outsourcing the labor intensive tasks of their legal matters to off-shore destinations like the Philippines and doing so makes these lawyers able to provide better value services to their clients.

In light of this, the American Bar Association (ABA) and its Standing Committee on Ethics and Professional Responsibility recently announced its formal opinion which concludes that US lawyers are free to outsource legal work to lawyers and paralegals domestically or internationally, provided that they adhere to certain ethical rules.

In Muneris ut Lex. In service to the Law.

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