According to proponents, legal process outsourcing(LPO) provide high profit margins for services providers and high cost savings for clients/companies as economic benefits.

LPO has changed the perception of the global legal industry, which once thought legal services as too sensitive to be outsourced.

The results of a recent PricewaterhouseCoopers(PwC) and Duke University Off-shoring Research study show that¬† LPO is growing at a steady rate globally, with near 60% in the Asia Pacific– 40% in India through its 110 service providers specializing in LPO and the remaining 20% spread on India’s competitor destinations such the Philippines and Sri Lanka.

James Dean of the Law Society Gazette gives us a look into the world that is LPO and in particular, how an LPO center in India goes about its daily work in providing legal services to clients around the world.Join his tour and learn his insights into this emerging industry here

As for now, LPO seems to be promising and its supporters optimistic that it will deliver great economic value. Stay tuned here for further developments.


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