An online article from Britain takes a crack at off-shore outsourcing, stating that many of the advantages of off-shore outsourcing fail at the face of the global recession.



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Offshore outsourcing for IT services and software development can help cut down cost through low-cost destinations, augment staff with the qualified human resources the world can offer and faster time-to-market via 24/7 production.

For example, your project’s development is on-going in another time-zone while you sleep.
However, the choice of the suitable outsourcing vendor for your business is first and foremost before engaging into a contractual agreement.

Use this checklist to evaluate your potential outsourcing engagement.

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Outsourcing on Review

February 24, 2009 | 1 Comment

A top exec of a global IT and R&D services company suggests that this may be a good time to reassess your company needs for IT outsourcing as means to reduce costs, engage in new ventures and improve the efficiency of your processes.

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