Interested in investing in Malaysia for outsourcing services?

Here are the perks.

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Previously, Outsourcing Opinions did a focus feature on an emerging outsourcing destination in Asia, spotlight on Malaysia. Now read up on the latest from Malaysia’s outsourcing industry.

According to Outsourcing Malaysia, the country’s national outsourcing association, its outsourcing and shared services (SSO) industry to undergo a consolidation in the face of stiff competition in the global market.

Presently,  there are too many small and midsize local SSO companies among the association’s more than a 100 members who are unable to bid for global services contracts.

Outsourcing Malaysia will start a three-year plan to create possibly three SSO consortiums to compete globally by 2012. Read more on this news here



Due to the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis and other economic downturns that preceded– Asia has learned to the value of austerity.

Its banks and financial institutions have built up on high savings rate, trade surplus and became wary of toxic assets– as if to prepare to weather out today’s troubles.

The lessons learned from yesterday, applied today will help Asia’s attractive future.

Six Southeast Asian countries prove themselves to be the gems of enterprise.

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