Large enterprises are not the only ones looking into advanced technologies. Recently, mid-sized businesses look into leveraging enterprise technologies to help them meet the challenges of managing their information daily. As their business grows, midsized firms have a jump start on their enterprise IT plan by considering these solutions early.

Today, tools like deduplication, archiving and virtualization are being packaged in ways that put them within reach of mid-sized businesses. These key to0ls help  increase efficiency, save money and maximize IT resources.

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Know your Outsourcing.

Outsourcing Opinions provides current, comprehensive articles and analyses on the news and information about China and Inda, from world media agencies and authoritative sources, regarding outsourcing and business.

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Industry officials, analysts and other experts are in agreement that India’s IT sector, which had shown monstrous growth until last year’s crisis period, is unlikely to return to ‘business as usual’.

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With the volatile nature of our planet, climate change and the natural calamities, such as storms, floods, that these bring, executives and enterpreneurs are very concerned if their businesses could fall victim and not survive when such disaster could befall them.

Technology and market consultancy Forrester Research recommends 4 best practices for business continuity and disaster recovery, particularly that of ensuring your business’ information technology (IT) requirements are maintained and IT services remain continuous.

I. Classify your business’ systems and processes for criticality.

II. Develop tiers of service for both availability and continuity of IT services.

III. Measure IT availability from the perspective of the end-user.

IV. Consider availability and continuity concerns/requirements during application development and testing.

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