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Google & China at Odds

One is a world-power the other is a world-power virtually in the Internet. And both are at odds with each other and everyone’s watching what could be the biggest bout in the new decade.

After cyber attacks last December 2010 that target both the search engine’s infrastructure and the Google mail accounts of human rights activists in China, Google decides to stop censoring its results in China and could end up closing its operations. Doing so could lead Google to lose opportunities worth billions in revenue.

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The United States White House is presently monitoring this development and is having on-going talks with Google and the Chinese government. Learn more of this news here

India Inc. stepping up to 2010

Flag of India

The dispute between Google and China would not likely deter other countries and organizations’ forays and investments in the People’s Republic.

Just recently, Indian outsourcer Wipro has set up its second global services delivery center in Chengdu in southwest China (its first delivery center is in Shanghail) to provide for clients in the United States, Europe, and other near-shore markets in the region. Read more about this here

Like Wipro, Infosys and other outsourcers from India are signalling the coming of an upturn as the market for outsourcing is on the rise, particularly for expertise in new technology areas and from multiple sources. Read more about this development here

IT Market Upturn in the Works

According to Forrester Research, hints of a technological recovery in the third quarter of 2009 could be the symptoms of a 8.1 percent growth for the global IT market this 2010. Forester also expects the IT market of the United States to improve by as much as 6.6 percent.

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