Technology and outsourcing giant Accenture starts on new expansions worldwide and Cebu, Philippines is likely to benefit from such plans. Accenture confirms that Filipino talent in Cebu’s BPO sector has a lot to offer to the world.

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According to a recent study, based on a survey conducted by global services firm Accenture,  of more than 400 global business leaders with a year-long analysis of business and technology developments, there are six interactions that can generate new economic value for the global market.

These are:

  1. Co-production with customers.
  2. New bridges between producers and consumers.
  3. New forms of business-to-business commerce.
  4. Consumer-to-consumer content.
  5. Peer-to-peer production.
  6. Cooperative consumption.

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As the year 2009 draws to a close, the chair of the President’s Governance Advisory Council of the Philippines, Dr. Jesus Estanislao invites business executives and enterpreneurs to have an open, global outlook for the start of the new decade in the millenium.

With a global outlook, one can take full advantage as well as be aware of challenges that globalization has for, not only for the members of the business community but, all of humanity.

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Early last July 2009, His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI received flak on some of his words in his “Charity in Truth” that can be argued as “anti-outsourcing”.

Despite my curiousity, it took me awhile to get to reading the Pope’s encyclical letter to determine whether or not the Holy Father of the Roman Catholic church approves on outsourcing.

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