Technology and outsourcing giant Accenture starts on new expansions worldwide and Cebu, Philippines is likely to benefit from such plans. Accenture confirms that Filipino talent in Cebu’s BPO sector has a lot to offer to the world.

Accenture’s ASEAN Geographic Unit hints that the Philippines play a critical role in advancing the company’s growth in Southeast Asia.  Aside from utilizing the ASEAN region to serve Accenture’s growing global market for technology and outsourcing services, it will also tap the region as the company’s top market growth driver.

In fact, the company now serves clients based in ASEAN countries, including the Philippines, specifically for its management consulting service.

Accenture has currently 2 facilities in Cebu and is currently evaluating for the opening of a third facility in Cebu.

Accenture makes a conscious decision to invest in areas where we see growth both in the short and long-term for example, analytics, mobility, cloud/virtualization, expand our geographic footprint and focus on servicing clients.

Accenture Philippines is a pioneer of Accenture’s Global Delivery Network (GDN) for more than 50 delivery centers around the world. The Philippine Delivery Centers is the second largest node in the GDN and the third largest location in terms of headcount, next to the United States and India.

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