The Philippines can learn from the success of creative industries in Japan and South Korea as creative industries in the Philippines seem to operate underground. Most of those who create are not entrepreneurs and remain invisible to the market.

As creative industries accounted for less than five percent of the Philippines gross domestic product, this figure is too low and that the country can do more.

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Over the past few months, management at my company has been discussing the recent trend of Filipino employees working from home. We have noticed a significant spike in the number of Filipinos who are now working at home either in a full-time capacity or part-time after their regular office hours.

During our interview process for new applicants, we see an ever increasing number of employees with at least some experience working from home. Since this has been a topic of discussion in our office, I thought this would make and interesting topic for OutsourcingOpinions.com.

As I was formulating my thoughts for this topic, an email notification popped up from one of the groups I belong to in LinkedIn. It said that Raffy Pekson had posted a new topic called How to Employ At-Home Agents for your Business. In this timely article, Raffy lays out key factors that should be considered when employing at-home agents. His intention is to teach people the factors that need to be considered to make this a successful venture, however in laying out his road map, he very accurately describes almost all of the pitfalls that I myself had laid out in my outline for this article. He mentions issues such as internet connectivity, culture, and maturity.

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