The Philippines can learn from the success of creative industries in Japan and South Korea as creative industries in the Philippines seem to operate underground. Most of those who create are not entrepreneurs and remain invisible to the market.

As creative industries accounted for less than five percent of the Philippines gross domestic product, this figure is too low and that the country can do more.

When it comes to success factors, the Philippines has a lot to learn from the two nations.

Korea puts strong focus on development of support infrastructure, with a Creative City Development in Seoul, advanced broadband connectivity and art schools. South Korean creatives engage in market research, have state-of-the-art technology, better investment screenings and systematic production processes.

Japan, on the other hand, has a strong focus on development of clusters. They also have strong promotion and branding, making Japan’s pop culture cool and modern. They also have a Creative Industries Promotion Office.

For the Korean framework, entertainment is the source of demand while in Japan, pop culture serves as the driving force.

The Philippines framework for the industry should use culture and heritage as driving forces.

The advantages and disadvantages of creative industries in the three countries were compared, it was noted that the Philippines takes advantage of its rich heritage but the approach does not allow for adaptation to change.

The next step to promoting creative industries in the country is to select the most suitable framework of collaboration and cooperation among sectors in government, investors, media networks, telecommuncations companies, advertisers and trade partners.

There’s a need for a private sector initiative to establish collaboration and cooperation among creative industry sectors including film, music, animation, game development, graphic arts, web content development, comics and publishing, industrial design, fashion design and architectural design.

The sector should lobby for the passing of Senate Bill 1064, the creation of the creative industries development council.

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