The potential of call center agents in the Philippines business process outsourcing (BPO) market to be trained in speaking British accent is being explored.

Everything Everywhere, one of Britain’s largest telecommunications provider with 28 million subscribers, is very bullish about setting up shop in the Philippines with hiring workers and middle management.

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Outsourcers in India show symptoms of an upturn as the market for outsourcing gets back on its feet, especially in new technology expertise and customer relationship management.

They even have ramping up domestic hiring as demand returns to 2005 year levels. Some firms are also increasing efforts in global hiring to the point of sending consulting jobs back to the United States.

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Information technology specialist Datacraft/Dimension Data releases its 2009 Global Contact Center Benchmarking Report, which details that companies both recognize the role of contact centers to drive more business value during these tough economic times and rely on these contact centers to focus on reducing the cost of customer relationship management operations.

However, despite the booming success of contact service centers, this business sector are still plagued with challenges such as high attrition particularly in Asia.

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