Information technology specialist Datacraft/Dimension Data releases its 2009 Global Contact Center Benchmarking Report, which details that companies both recognize the role of contact centers to drive more business value during these tough economic times and rely on these contact centers to focus on reducing the cost of customer relationship management operations.

However, despite the booming success of contact service centers, this business sector are still plagued with challenges such as high attrition particularly in Asia.

The Global Contact Center Benchmarking Report covered a total of 554 contact center respondents in 36 nations from 5 continental regions. The regions included in the study are the Americas, Asia, Australia with New Zealand, Europe with the United Kingdom, and Africa with Middle East.

For your convenience, the significant data-numbers that this 2009 report shows are summarized below:

22.5 percent (of respondents) – Contact centers which can sell to clients during inbound calls.

66 percent (of respondents) – Call centers with strategies implemented to reduce the cost of operations

36 percent (of respondents) – Call centers that advise/offer clients of lower-cost options in services.

60 percent (of respondents) – Call centers with programs implemented to identify sales opportunities.

23.3 percent (of respondents) – Attrition rate of Asian contact centers.

2.7 percent –  Operating costs of Asian contact centers for recruitment, out of the total operations budget.

62.7 percent –  set aside for salaries for call center agents in Asian contact centers operating budgets.

1.6 percent – of the Asian contact centers’ total operations budget set aside for motivational or social events for employees

12.6 percent – rate of agent/employee absentism in Asian call/contact centers.

21.1 percent – rate of agent/employee absentism in call/contact centers in other regions.

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